Hide input value

Hide Form Input Values On Focus With jQuery

This is a simple and light weight JavaScript snippet using jQuery to hide any text input’s value when you give that field focus and then replace the value if it has not been changed when you click off of it. I wrote this today because I was being lazy when a client asked if they […]

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how to use git

Super Useful Need To Know Git Commands

Below is a large list of some useful commands for Git Version Control. You may not use them all in the same day, but you will most likely use them at least once and very often more than that. Git makes your life simple. Learn the commands. “Git is a free & open source, distributed […]

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More Than One H1 Tag On A Single Web Page

With the introduction of HTML5 comes some new concepts that weren’t previously available in HTML 4. If you aren’t designing your new websites with HTML5 currently, I think you should start, and this is one of the reasons why. With the new specs, you are now allowed to have as many H1 header tags on […]

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