Must Have WordPress Plugins

When you create a new website with WordPress for yourself, a client, or your grandmother, there should be a few plugins that you always install. No exception. These are just a couple basic plugins that I install whenever I create a new site for someone. You can also go to the WordPress plugin directory and […]

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This is Epic Alpha Launch – signup now!

A giveaway!?!? Yes! Hey everyone, I have something really exciting to tell all of you. One of my buddies and I have been working very hard on a new website called “This is Epic” we just call it “Epic”, but the url is http://thisisepic.com. We are working very hard to get you all an alpha […]

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Understanding Kohana Routes

A lot of people struggle with creating a simple template system with Kohana Swift Php Framework, but you don’t have to! Today I will explain the basics of controllers and routes so you can finally be productive with Kohana. Getting Started – Routes You’ll probably want to start off with a clean install of Kohana, […]

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