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Reset Your GoPro Wifi Password

Lets face it. You have a thousand passwords to remember. You also have a GoPro and decided to try out the GoPro iOS app. After some time, you’ll forget it if you didn’t document it and go a while without using your GoPro – like I did. Without further ado, I show you a shortcut […]

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Creating Custom WordPress Page Templates

In this video, I will show you how to create custom page templates for WordPress. A custom page template is just as it sounds, it is a file that allows you to give a completely custom style to a certain page. All you do is create the template, sprinkle some special stuff on top, and […]

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7 Signs Your Website Needs Work

Your website is outdated. You know who you are. You used tables to build it. You still put all of your javascript in the head tag. You still use Internet Explorer. You don’t use a cache system. You still think CSS3 was made by Adobe.

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