[New iOS App] Apple App Store: Bathroom Finder

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I’m pretty excited to say that I’ve built a pretty useful iOS app and its been approved and is available for download on the app store for free.


How to get it

It’s called “Bathroom Finder” – if you search for that term, you should see it.

Or you can click here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bathroom-spy/id1144502117

How it works

When you open up the app, it uses your current location to find bathrooms in your nearby proximity. If there are no bathrooms nearby, you can always add a bathroom when you visit it.

What if there are no bathrooms nearby?

Not to fear, you can add some yourself! The app uses the Foursquare API to get nearby venue names and locations. So if you know the door code to a locked bathroom nearby, you can easily select the correct bathroom, type in the code and save it.