5 Awesome Website Boilerplates To Get Your Project Started

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If you are a freelance Web Developer, then chances are you know how crucial it is to get your projects done on time. And most likely, you have more than one project going on at once. This is common for most of us I think, so I decided to put together a helpful list of Website Boilerplates that will aid in your development process. They range from simple frameworks to finished websites that you just need to swap a few things to get what you need. So here they go:

HTML5 ★ Boilerplate

Although, a relatively young boilerplate system, it is probably the most popular and well known. It emphasizes using HTML5, and various other CSS, and JavaScript frameworks to minimize the stress of browser inconsistencies to make your site 100% awesome!

HTML5 Boilerplate Screenshot


Now the HTML email Boilerplate will save a lot of developers a lot of headaches. We all know just how difficult it can be to create emails using HTML that looks good in all clients. This Boilerplate takes care of most of it for us. It implements helpful Css styles and also comes with a commented version explaining everything. Great Job!

HTML Email Boilerplate Template

Bones, A WordPress Development Theme

Bones is a WordPress starter template. Its really well made with everything documented and explained very clearly. It puts to use stuff you will likely need and throws out somethings you probably wont be using. It’s updated fairly frequently and has a few nice support documents to help you if you get stuck. Id say go give it a try!

Bones WordPress Boilerplate Template

Roots WordPress Boilerplate Theme

Roots is a neat starter WordPress theme that is actually built over the HTML5 Boilerplate I mentioned earlier. It also includes some nice Css frameworks that are very nice to work with when you are on a time crunch. Roots takes care of a lot of technical things that you might not normally spend the time doing on a WordPress site, but its worth it once you use it.

Roots Website Boilerplate

The Zend Framework Boilerplate

The Zend framework is a beast of a tool. In fact its so large it can sometimes be undesirable to work with. If you are using Zend, them I’m sure you already know this. But thats where the Zend Framework Boilerplate come in. Quoted from their website:

ZF-Boilerplate is a pre-packaged, pre-configured Zend Framework blueprint for your enterprise grade PHP application. It combines state-of-the-art tools, frameworks and the best ideas to bootstrap your projects with nearly zero work.

Zend Framework Boilerplate


Whether you make static websites or Enterprise level Behemoths, there is a framework for that. I only listed 5 here but there are probably more than 50 – we just don’t know about them… errr I just don’t know about them. If you know of other ones that aren’t listed here, then I would love to know what you use to cut your development time with. Thanks for reading, and Happy Coding 🙂