Coda Math Plugin: Computate

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I created a coda plugin that does math for you. The other day I got tired of constantly opening spotlight in osx to type a calculation for my responsive website layouts. Not only was that annoying, I couldn’t copy the result (or didn’t know how), to paste it into my code, plus, the results were always large decimals with like 15 decimal places, I could’t remember all that.

So enough was enough. I looked up how to create a coda plugin. Panics website has a wealth of information on the subject. They require you to download a special plugin maker app that streamlines the process, you’ll see the download link on their developer page.

Anyways, my plugin is pretty simple. It allows you to type a mathematical expression right in your code, then you just highlight it, and press cmd + Y. It then places the result right in place of the expression. So yeah, if you havent created a plugin for coda because you think its too hard, it really isn’t. The best part is, you can use any language you are comfortable with.

>>>>>>Download Here<<<<<<

Also, here is the repo on github.