Must Have WordPress Plugins

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When you create a new website with WordPress for yourself, a client, or your grandmother, there should be a few plugins that you always install. No exception. These are just a couple basic plugins that I install whenever I create a new site for someone. You can also go to the WordPress plugin directory and browse the available plugins.

  • All In One SEO Pack

    The all in one SEO Pack makes it easy to add keywords, a title and a description to your posts and pages. It creates a section in each new post/page window where you can add all the necessary seo stuff. I highly recommend this plugin for WordPress right out of the box.

  • Disqus Commenting

    Disqus (pronounced “discuss”) is a great comment system to use for your blog. It allows users to easily leave a comment because they are given the option to sign in using a plethora of accounts. It’s nice and streamlined so a user isn’t pushed away by a “signup” to your website. However, the only thing I dislike about Disqus is that you need to create an account on their website before you can use their plugin.

  • Google XML Sitemaps

    This is a really handy plugin that creates a sitemap configurable by you. You may include posts, pages, categories, tags and other url’s on your blog in the sitemap. The sitemap is regenerated whenever you add new posts or pages and then the sitemap is automatically submitted to the top search engines. I still recommend submitting the sitemap yourself using each search engines developer tools, though.

  • WordPress Quick Cache

    I highly recommend using a cache system, I just prefer using this particular one because it isn’t too complicated, its simple and to the point. If you have ever visited a site and then closed the tab because the page was loading too slow, this is probably because they weren’t using a cache system. We aren’t very patient these days since technology as made computers and internet lightning quick. Using a cache system is also a good idea because it helps your SEO… Google tends to disfavor sites that load slowly.

Final Thoughts

I don’t endorse these plugins, I’m just listing the WordPress plugins that I believe give you an advantage. As I said, when I first log into the WordPress admin panel for the first time, these are the plugins that I install. If you have any plugins not listed that you like to install as default, I would like to know about them.