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I would like to introduce you to my first WordPress plugin. I had a problem I had to solve with a client blog system. They have multiple websites but each site would need a specific logo and they asked that they could change the logo them selves. So, me not knowing how to make a plugin decided to research how to make one. I came up with a simple system that allows you to upload an image and use the location of the image to specify the logo you will be using.
Below is a screen shot of the admin page.

Screenshot of The admin page

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Download Theme Logo

Theme Logo files at WordPress

Changelog & Updates

No changes have been made yet. Let me know what you would like to see added in the comments.

  • Dedah

    the you have left out is a tour of showing people where the image mark up is. This will make people life easier.  Take them to the area in the header and show them what to do.  People don’t want to pay someone to do this.

    • http://zackperdue.com Zack Perdue

      I didn’t provide a tutorial of how to replace the image with the theme logo code for a reason. Not all websites are the same so the tutorial wouldn’t work for everyone. Check here to read about some already solved issues: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-theme-logo-installation-issue
      Feel free to ask for help there too.

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  • feplp

    esta bueno

  • Faraday

    Brilliant plugin! 
    To be totally handy for me – is it possible for this to be conditional? ie. if a client doesn’t enter an image, it just displays the default blog name there. But, if they install your plugin and upload an image, the code replaces the blog name with their logo?