Reset Your GoPro Wifi Password

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Lets face it. You have a thousand passwords to remember. You also have a GoPro and decided to try out the GoPro iOS app. After some time, you’ll forget it if you didn’t document it and go a while without using your GoPro – like I did.

Without further ado, I show you a shortcut on how to reset the wifi SSID and password for the GoPro. Its actually a pretty simple process – we can even bypass using the GoPro Website.

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Step 1. Download the update files

Enter your name and email to download the files.

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Step 2. Edit your details

You’ll want to unzip the UPDATE folder and then go inside the resulting UPDATE folder and open the file called with a text editor (I use sublime). You only need to edit two settings (SSID and Password). See picture below:

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 6.13.08 PM

Step 3. Transfer files to the GoPro

Only transfer the two files called, and update.cmd over to your GoPro memory card. Make sure the memory card is then inside the GoPro.

Step 4. Restart your GoPro

Turn your GoPro off then back on. It should say something about updating wifi. You should be all set.

Once these 4 simple steps are completed, you’ll just want to test the connection. Turn the GoPro wifi on and try to connect with your laptop or your phone.

  • kane

    Sublime will not let me save when I put in my wifi name and password. Any help would be appreciated

    • Zack Perdue

      It really sounds like you are trying to edit the file while (correct me if im wrong) the micro SD is out of the GoPro and inside the adapter and in your laptop like that. I believe if you put the micro SD card back in the GoPro and connect with the usb cord it should work. This is because the write privileges on the file are wrong until you use the USB.

      However… If i’m wrong, try the opposite.

      Please, let me know if it works for you with the steps provided.


  • Video

    Thanks a lot, worked well first time.

    • Zack Perdue

      Hey, I’m glad I could help!

  • warren

    Hi Zack, it won’t let me copy the update files to my SD card… any ideas? using a mac. when i try to drag the files, the cursor turns into a “ø”. thanks – warren

    • Zack Perdue

      Hi Warren, have you removed the micro sd chip from your gopro and placed it into the adapter and then that into your laptop? Or are you plugging the gopro into your laptop with the usb connector? I think one of the commenters had the same problem. Please see comment below and let me know if that works or not.

  • james

    i can’t seem to reset it at all, I’m on my mac, and files do not download properly?

    • Zack Perdue

      Hey James, can you describe what you’re doing? What happens when you try to download the files?

  • Bob Dawber

    Hi Zack, how do I transfer the items? I keep getting stuck. Any ideas? I cannot remember the password for the gopro (it is a company camera) could the card be protected?

    • Zack Perdue

      Have you tried to load the file onto the SD card using an adapter? Usually SD cards have a small switch on the side which can lock or unlock the card. I think gopro can format the SD card so that its locked, so you may have to format the card back to a useable file format.

      • Bob Dawber

        I just tried that. The software continues to ask for a password for the camera with the old name. That is the password I do not know:( I deleted and reinstalled the app/software on my phone and that did not help either. You were correct, however, using the card reader I was able to format the disk and install the update. Am I doing something wrong that would keep the old name? Bob

        • Zack Perdue

          Try reinstalling the app? It sounds like something is getting cached somewhere and that’s hold you up. The reinstall should bring in the new name/password.