Below are three hosting companies that I use currently. I talk about each of them breifly and why I like or use them. Each of them have their strengths and weaknesses, however they are all great companies and I’m glad I use them. Just a heads up and some help, to hopefully make your decision when picking a hosting company easier.

Host Monster Is a really great hosting company. I currently host this blog, and a few other websites on the same account. They offer a very competitive plan that includes a free domain name, Free Setup, and you can host unlimited domains for $6.95 per month. The support that Host Monster offers is also very helpful. Any time I have a problem I just start a live chat from the cPanel and they immediately respond, and the answers are usually very helpful. I would recommend using hostmonster as your hosting provider, especially if you are just getting into building websites for clients. Cheap hosting that offers extensible features!

Media Temple, first of all, has the BEST support I have ever experienced, hands down. I own a (VE) server plan, which allows for root access, and the server is completely bare bones, meaning, I had to install everything on the server myself. Bottom line is, I was bound to have problems, since I am not a server admin. However, Media Temple support is always very active, and I love that they harness Twitter to interact with their customers. Response times are very quick, usually within 5 minutes. I would highly recommend Media Temple hosting, based on the customer service itself.

Rackspace, Last but not least! I actually just recently signed up for a Rackspace Cloud Hosting account. A coworker was showing me his control panel and how he hosts websites through Rackspace. I thought it was really awesome, because you can basically have as many servers as you want all under one account. Its super simple, just click “Add Server” and then choose an operating system. After you do that, just wait like 5 minutes and you will get an email telling you to how to connect using SSH. What else is also cool about this server, is that you only pay for the “time” you use it for, so if you do not have any servers, you do not pay. Not to mention, the time is pretty cheep. The cheapest server they have is around $8 per month, but its compeletly custom, just like the Media Temple (VE) server that I own… Just cheaper. The one thing I don’t know about is the customer support, though. I have not really used it. But the time I did use their live chat, they did seem like they were multitasking. Anyways, I really like the idea of quickly deploying a custom server at a moments notice!