7 Signs Your Website Needs Work

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If you have a website, chances are you didn’t build it tomorrow. With this being said, its safe to say, with the state of technology these days, your website may already be outdated. Heck, your website may not even be done and it could already be outdated. If you think about it however, there are so many options and different technologies to build a website with, the “new” aspect of a technology may be subject to your own understanding of it. Of course, there are exceptions, like using tables. That brings me to my first reason.

1. Your Website Is Built With Tables

It may not be obvious that your website needs an update, but when I look at the source code of it and see it riddled with tables, thats a definite sign that your site needs a makeover. It’s no longer 1995, when building a website with tables was the new “standard”. So if your website is built with tables, its time for an upgrade.

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2. You Don’t Get As Much Traffic As You Want

If you look at your website analytics and your line isn’t showing the kinds of numbers you were hoping for, then you need to put a little bit of effort into your website. This however, doesn’t mean that you need a new design, or something visual done to your site. This could also signify that you may need to spend a little more time creating content for your website to attract readers.

3. Unclear Navigation

Have you ever tried to find something on a website but you didn’t know how to get to it? This is actually more common than you may think! Even well known sites, for example, facebook suffer from this. I rather do a google search about what im looking for on a particular site rather than search through their obscure navigation links. Try taking your most viewed content, or obvious pages and putting a link to those pages in a highly visible place.

4. Slow Load Times

I’m being honest here. If it takes your site more than 2 seconds to load (and thats being generous) I’m going to cmd + w that tab. We live in a world that wants and expects things NOW! Your web page is no exception. If your web page takes more than 2 seconds to load the meat and potatoes and most of the visuals, then you need to reevaluate your website. You should look into a caching system, a content delivery network, compressing your scripts/styles, optimize your css and writing lean code.

5. Your Website Is Buggy

I’ve tried using features on some websites to find that they fail to work. If you are building a website, you should make sure that all your javascript works as expected. Also check every link to make sure there are no 404 pages. Another way to help assure that your website works without problem, is to build your website to a near finished state without any javascript then add the scripts in to enhance the usability or experience. This is called Progressive Enhancement.

6. Difficult or Frustrating to Use

Have you ever visited a website that required you to register in order to view some of the content, or to download something? I hate when I visit a site and a popup happens, even more frustrating when the popup is monitored and forced upon me with javascript. This is basically the same thing as slamming a door in your visitors face. So please, take off those popups, or annoying sudden sounds, or the auto playing youtube videos.

7. Your Website Looks Good In Internet Explorer

If your website isn’t broken when viewing it with Internet Explorer, then maybe you are using old technologies and don’t know it. This is usually the case and means you need to get with the times! This one usually goes along with reason number 1, using tables. But to be honest, you are lucky if your site works in internet explorer. Don’t mess with it!


If I were you I would carefully look over your website. Are you getting as much traffic to your website as you deserve? If not, then I could almost bet money that your website suffers from at least 1 of these symptoms, if not multiple. Addressing any of these issues is actually quite simple, and you don’t even need to do all of them at once. One at a time, once a week, or month is good enough. But trust me, it’s never over. Your website will always need work.

Thanks for reading, and as always, happy coding!

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